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So, What Do You REALLY Want?

Want to be successful without the suit (and all the corporate drama that goes with it)?

 Want to “work from wherever” (beach, boardroom, bed—your call)?

What to make money making a difference (combining passion, purpose AND profit)? 

Want to love your business and your lifestyle (enjoying family, fun and financial freedom)?

Then You’re In The Right Place.


Don’t just create a business you love, create a lifestyle you love. Change lives, make a real difference and inspire others. Wake up every morning thrilled to FINALLY be living your dreams. Work from anywhere in the world, control how you spend your time, enjoy monthly paychecks the size of your old corporate salary and still have time for family, friends and fun.


Does this sound crazy, too good to be true or even hard to imagine? Okay, so maybe you can imagine it, but you just don’t think you’re destined for living your dreams. Think again. You can have it all. This is where I come in.


I’ve helped hundreds of people, just like you, get crystal clear about their desires, create actionable plans, apply proven strategies and get real results. Everything you’re dreaming about is possible. It’s easier than you think.

Start Building Your Thriving Business & Extraordinary Life Today.

Warning: Side effects may include fun, flexibility, financial freedom and fulfillment.

Online Programs

Just 12 weeks to equip you with everything you need to go from great ideas to paying clients. Define your dream lifestyle and build a business you love to fuel it. Get powerful video modules, weekly calls, in-depth workbooks, built-in accountability and more. Learn more >

Luxury Retreats

If you’re committed to taking your business and life to the next level, while enjoying world-class luxury at a stunning oceanfront resort, then join a select group of passion-driven entrepreneurs who are redefining success on their own terms. Learn more>


1:1 Private Intensives

Want to get results FAST? One or two result-oriented days, focused completely on you and your business, will skyrocket your success. Come in person and enjoy a world-class resort or come by Skype and enjoy your pyjamas. Learn more>

Whether you love to learn online, crave luxury retreats or work best one-on-one, I’ve got you covered.

“Mischelle demonstrates how one person can revolutionize your business and life by defining clear, simple processes, developing easy-to-follow action plans and being a tireless champion for your success.”

~  Richard Walker, President and CEO, Walker Resource Group  ~

Are You FINALLY Ready To . . .

  • Get CRYSTAL CLEAR about your passion, purpose and professional skills, and combine them for profit?
  • Positively impact the world and transform lives – using what you ALREADY KNOW?
  • Become a trusted expert, attracting DREAM CLIENTS with ease, even if you’re just starting out?
  • Build an AUTHENTIC BRAND that communicates your value and positions you for premium prices.
  • Stop being a broke, best kept secret and SELL LIKE A SUPERSTAR, without feeling slimy, “sales-y” or pushy ?
  • Automate your processes and systems to AVOID BURNOUT and overwhelm? Work smarter, not harder.
  •  Expand your mission, message, money mindset and lifestyle as a PROFITABLE entrepreneur?

This is NOT another one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter “blueprint” that works for some and fails miserably for others.


The BrainPower I.D.E.A.S. Business & Lifestyle Design SystemTM is the foundation of all our programs, retreats and coaching. The system works because it’s a customizable approach that focuses on what’s uniquely YOU. We’ll uncover YOUR inner genius, define YOUR dream lifestyle and build YOUR ideal business to support it. We’ll go step-by-step—sane and simple—so you can get real results fast. Sound good? Then let’s get started.


Your Dream Lifestyle

Fun, flexibility, financial freedom and fulfilment—you can have it all. The first step is knowing what you really want.  Master your mindset, define your dreams and craft a plan to make them reality.

Passion and Purpose

Let’s dive deep and (re)discover your unique mission, message, purpose and professional skills. Build on what you already know and love to create passion-driven profits while helping others.

Your Business Model

Start and grow your business the smart, easy, fun way, using a proven system to create products and services your dream clients rush to buy. Enjoy higher profits from your higher purpose.

Sane and Simple

Mindset and money. Clarity and customers. Business models and branding. Systems and sales mastery. We cover it all. We’ll go step-by-step, sane, simple and fully supported. Whew!

Hi, I’m Mischelle vanThiel. I’m here to help you “Transform Your I.D.E.A.S. Into Income”TM  so you can create a thriving business & extraordinary life!

As the Founder of BrainPower Business Group Inc., I am blessed to be a sought-after speaker, award-winning salesperson, innovative business and lifestyle strategist, entrepreneur and executive, Over the years, I have led teams of 5 to 500, managed $100 million budgets and consulted internationally on business development. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA – Entrepreneurship) and loads of training in leadership, coaching, marketing, sales, financial planning, media relations and building rockstar teams. 

My mission is to change the world, one wildly successful, passion-driven entrepreneur at a time. How? By sharing proven strategies that help you (re)discover your passions, build a lifestyle-enhancing business and transform what you ALREADY know into an income that fuels your dreams—all while keeping it sane and simple.

Watch this short video to learn more about my proven I.D.E.A.S.TM System.


At BrainPower, we’re changing the world one wildly successful, passion-driven and profitable entrepreneur at a time.

This is your time to create a profitable business you enjoy and a lifestyle you love.

Join a growing group of profitable, passion-driven entrepreneurs who are redefining success on their own terms – by balancing business and lifestyle.

Register today for our premium online programs, luxury business building retreats or powerful 1:1 private coaching.

Your thriving business and extraordinary life await.

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