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We all live dual lives. We have a work life, where we meet with clients, make decisions and take care of business. We are competent, decisive and efficient.

We also have a personal life, where we support family and friends, nurture our dreams and nurse our disappointments. We are passionate, purpose-driven and sometimes overwhelmed.

In my programs, we look deeply into all aspects of your life so you can build a business you love that’s powered by your passions, and create a lifestyle you love that’s powered by your business.

Here are my two lives—business and personal. The magic happens in the way they come together.


The Official Bio

Most small businesses (and daily lives) are run by random acts of desperation, Mischelle vanThiel wants to change that.

As Founder of BrainPower Business Group Inc., Mischelle passionately believes in the power of entrepreneurship to rescue the global economy, change lives and build dreams.

Mischelle’s mission is to change the world, one wildly successful, passion-driven and profitable entrepreneur at a time.

How? By sharing her proven system to help you (re)discover your passions and transform what you ALREADY know into a thriving business and extraordinary life—all while keeping it sane and simple.

Mischelle has led teams of 5 to 500, managed $100 million budgets, and consulted internationally on business development.

She has overseen the creation and delivery of hundreds of college courses, been a university business professor, and worked as part of a small team to create a nationally-distributed fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Recently, she enjoyed the honour of serving as CEO of an internationally recognized hospice organization. Her conversations with hundreds of dying people taught her that the time to live your dreams is NOW.

Mischelle holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA – Entrepreneurship), and additional credentials in leadership, coaching, sales, marketing, financial planning and human resource management.

As a sought-after speaker, award-winning salesperson, business and lifestyle strategist, and host of BrainPower Business TV, Mischelle loves sharing her 30+ years of expertise to ignite budding entrepreneurs and innovative organizations around the world.

Contact Mischelle at and start living your dreams today. 

The Rest Of The Story

What do you REALLY want?

  • Want to be successful without the suit (and all the corporate drama that goes with it)?
  • Want to “work from wherever” (beach, boardroom, bed—your call)?
  • Want to love your business and your life (enjoying family, fun and financial freedom)?
  • What to make money making a difference (passion, purpose AND profit)? 

Then you’re in the right place.

Hi. I’m Mischelle. I help smart professionals like you escape unfulfilling jobs and lacklustre lifestyles. Why? Because I’ve been there, done that and know you deserve more from life

These days, I run a successful online business, serving dream clients and travelling the world with my family—most recently enjoying several adventure-filled weeks on Easter Island and Antarctica.

But I didn’t always have such a wonderful life. It took a lot of really hard work to get here. I earned several academic credentials, read hundreds of books, attended countless seminars and spent over $100,000 learning from the best. I had big dreams. But, I lacked clarity, confidence and a proven roadmap to success, so I was stuck and struggling.

I spent decades trapped in draining jobs, crushed by debt and dreading my life. Eventually, my health collapsed, my relationships failed and my finances fell apart. I was broke, burnt out and overwhelmed.

After years of struggle, the answer finally came. I developed a step-by-step system to turn what I ALREADY knew into my dream business and used the profits to fund my ideal lifestyle.

Amazing things started to happen. People started asking me to help them create thriving businesses and extraordinary lifestyles. I found my purpose. I started loving my life again. I started profiting from my passions. You can too. Let’s talk at

Start Today. Your Thriving Business & Extraordinary Life Await!

Hi, I'm Mischelle

My mission is to help professionals just like you to (re)discover their passions and build lifestyle-enhancing businesses – sanely and simply.View video>

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