Transform Your Business And Your Life In Just One Day

Too many of us live our lives chasing the expectations and dreams of others (parents, partners, kids, bosses, etc.). It’s time to make YOU a priority in your own life. Let’s design the life you were meant to live – the life that lights you up. We’ll explore where you are vs. where you want to be. Then we’ll take what you already know (your passions, purpose and professional skills) and build/grow a business you love that fuels the lifestyle you desire. Today is your day to get excited about how achievable your dreams really are. Intrigued? Let me tell you more….


During your private 1:1 Intensive, you will enjoy individualized attention to ensure you leave with RESULTS, not just theories.

Is it time to get crystal clear on exactly what you want in your business and your life? Let’s name it, claim it and create powerful strategies to block anyone from holding you back – including yourself.

Don’t know how to turn your ideas into income to fuel your dreams? Let’s find your perfect path to success.

Confused about how to monetize your mission and profit from your passion? No worries, we’ll sort it out.


Can’t seem to figure out how to structure your business and build a standout brand? I’ve got you covered.

Having trouble with your pricing? Stop undervaluing yourself! Let’s master your money mindset and set you up for premium pricing.

Overwhelmed, overworked and burning out? Let’s discuss how automation can save your sanity and set up your systems.

Scared to sell so you’re still a “broke best kept secret”? I’ll take the scary, slimy and sleazy out of selling.

Craving fun, flexibility, financial freedom and fulfillment? This is your time and it’s easier than you think.

“I highly recommend working with you Mischelle. You are a constant source of encouragement and proven, practical solutions. You have been indispensable to me since I began my business nine years ago. Your wisdom, advice, support and step-by-step systems helped me to be the success I am today.”

~ Cathy Toupin, Custom Clergy Services ~


So, Why Book A BrainPower 1:1 Intensive?

Simple, this is the fastest way to get your business and lifestyle strategies nailed down and start seeing results.

There’s no need to do this alone. Don’t waste time and money on expensive trial and error. I can show you the easiest and most elegant way to make real money and live life on your own terms!

Your Customized 1:1 Intensive is JUST what you’ve been looking for to get the help you need to make your business and lifestyle dreams a reality.

Plus your package also includes 3 x 30 minute private follow up calls, a toolkit of checklists, templates and guides and a luxe goodie bag full of surprises to get you started and keep you going.

The Benefits

So what can you expect if you spend a full day or two focusing on your desires, business and dream lifestyle, all while pampering yourself at a world-class resort in Victoria, Canada?

Well, what if you learned how to design the most outrageously amazing, life-changing products and services for your clients (and as a result, created a dream life for yourself)?

Would THAT be worth coming to Victoria for?

Join a growing group of my amazing 1:1 coaching clients who are saying “YES!” to creating their thriving businesses and extraordinary lives today.

I understand that travelling for your intensive may not be possible. No problem, we can conduct your intensive over Skype and get you equally great results!


One day can change your business and life forever.


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Sample 1:1 Private Intensive Topics

Let’s customize YOUR perfect 1 or 2 day Intensive.

To get us started, you will receive a comprehensive welcome package to complete and submit prior to the start of your intensive. The questions in your welcome package are designed to clarify where you are in your business and life currently and where you desire to go.  This pre-work ensures you’ll be ready to dive into your hands-on, working retreat.

While every intensive is a unique and personalized experience, below are some of the topics we can cover together depending on your needs. If you need more time or a slower pace, give yourself the gift of two days:


  • Clarify what you want and why. Declare your true desires and make a plan to realize them.
  • Discover what makes you unique and see how you are the answer to someone’s prayers.
  • Identify your passion, purpose, professional skills and perfect lifestyle and combine them for profit.
  • Delegate, declutter, dismiss or decline to free up your time.
  • Learn how to say “no” to things that don’t serve you, so you can say “yes” to the things you truly desire.
  • Infuse fun and playfulness back into your life and learn why pampering yourself is good for your business.


  • Define your ideal clients and discover their wants, needs, fears and desires.
  • Understand how consumer psychology influences purchase decisions.
  • Uncover where your ideal clients gather and how to attract them.
  • Consistently create content that resonates with your ideal clients.
  • Select the ideal business model to support your income and lifestyle goals.



  • Create unique products and services your ideal clients can’t resist.
  • Outline exactly what to include in your products, programs or services.
  • Claim your worth and price your offerings accordingly. No more underpricing!
  • Use premium positioning and pricing as a way to get MORE clients.


  • Take the scary out of selling and never feel slimy, sales-y or pushy again.
  • Create captivating branding that eliminates the competition.
  • Master campaigns, story-based marketing and next-level networking.
  • Embrace your best social media channels and use them to reach your tribe.
  • Learn how to get your offerings in front of your ideal clients.
  • Grow and nurture your list and know when to celebrate unsubscribers.


  • Stop seeking permission and live according to your passions. Start saying “yes” to the life you desire.
  • Learn how to start living abundantly today as opposed to someday when you can “afford” it.
  • Train your wealth consciousness mindset daily for long-term success.
  • Release anxiety, fear and overwhelm and replace them with clarity, confidence and excitement.

“I could rely on Mischelle’s input, judgment and feedback as we built our company from a two-person startup into a national brand. . . She possesses a rare combination of care, concern and kick butt. Simply put, I loved working with her. She has a sparkling personality, sharp wit and engaging sense of humour. . . She is a true entrepreneurial leader who stands out from the ranks.”


~ Todd Ringness, (Former) Editor, LOOKwest Magazine ~

Sample Private 1:1 Intensive Agenda

Of course your Private 1:1 Intensive is totally personalized to meet your needs and goals. However, the sample 1 Day agenda below can give you some idea of how your day can be structured

8:30 am Arrival and welcome. We’ll start the day off by confirming your personalized agenda and goals

8: 45 to 10:45 am —120 minute personalized coaching intensive

10:45 to 11:00 am —Refreshment break

11:00 to 12:30 pm — 90 minute personalized coaching intensive

12:30 to 1:30 pm — Gourmet lunch (included, but we’ll work while we dine to maximize your coaching time)


1:30 to 3:00 pm—90 minute personalized coaching intensive

3:00 to 3:15 pm—Refreshment break 

3:15 to 4:15 pm—60 minute personalized coaching intensive

4:15 to 4:45 pm—Next steps and 30 day action plan.

4:45 to 5:00  pmWrap up and reflection. Congratulations, on taking a giant step towards living your dreams! Enjoy your luxe goodie bag full of surprises to help you celebrate your thriving business and extraordinary life.

Don’t forget, your package also includes 3 x 30 minute follow up calls to answer your questions and keep you on track.

Want to accomplish even more? Create a 2-Day Intensive and really leap forward.


I’m Ready To Start Living My Dreams. Sign Me Up!


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The Venue

Victoria – Located on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada, Victoria is a city like no other. Dazzling gardens, lush forests and stretches of empty beaches beckon you outdoors. World-class golfing, shopping and dining keep you entertained and energized.

If you choose to come to Victoria in person, your Customized 1:1 Intensive will take place at the world-class Oak Bay Beach Hotel. This chic, oceanfront boutique hotel boasts three heated, ocean-view pools, luxuriously appointed rooms and a spa designed to make you swoon. Book a few extra days and fully experience the perks and pampering your dream life can include.

The Delights

Also included in your Customized 1:1 Intensive package is a fabulous gourmet lunch and two refreshment breaks (each day for multi-day intensives). You will leave your transformational day(s) with real results, a clear step-by-step action plan for success, and a luxe goodie bag full of surprises to help you on your journey to your thriving business and extraordinary life. But your support doesn’t end there. Your package also includes 3 x 30 minute follow up calls to help you stay accountable to the plans we develop during your private coaching sessions.

Get The Details – What’s Included And What’s Not

 What’s Included

  • Full day (or two) of customized, private coaching sessions
  • 3 x 30 minute follow up calls to keep you moving forward
  • Private meeting space at the luxurious Oak Bay Beach Hotel
  • Delicious gourmet lunch & refreshment breaks (each 1:1 Intensive day)
  • Luxe goodie bag so you feel pampered and prepared
  • BrainPower Business Toolkit – comprehensive checklists, templates, guides and worksheets

Venue and meals are not included for intensives conducted via Skype. But don’t worry, your luxe goodie bag will be mailed to you if you don’t attend in person.

What’s Not-Included

  • Your roundtrip travel to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Hotel accommodations should you decide to stay in Victoria before, during or after your intensive
  • Personal expenses such as souvenir shopping, long-distance phone calls and tips for hotel staff
  • Meals, excursions and personal expenses beyond those specified as included 
  • Any costs related to guests who are not registered with the program
  • Personal, medical and trip cancellation insurance

**Please read the Terms of Use for more information.



Hi, I’m Mischelle vanThiel, BA, MBA

Prepare for a life-changing experience. I’m so excited to work with you 1:1, so you can get clarity on your goals, take immediate action and get real results – all in one or two powerful, luxurious days. After all, it’s as much about loving your lifestyle as it is about building your business!

As the Founder and CEO of BrainPower Business Group Inc., I am blessed to be a sought-after speaker, award-winning salesperson, innovative business and lifestyle strategist, entrepreneur and executive. Over the years, I have led teams of 5 to 500, managed $100 million budgets, and consulted internationally on business development. My hands-on experience is supported by a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA – Entrepreneurship) and loads of training in leadership, coaching, sales, marketing, media relations, financial planning and building rockstar teams.

My mission is to change the world, one wildly successful, passion-driven entrepreneur at a time. How? By sharing proven strategies that help you (re)discover your passions, build a lifestyle-enhancing business and transform what you ALREADY know into an income that fuels your dreams—all while keeping it sane and simple.

What’s The Investment For A Full-Day Of Powerful 1:1 Coaching?

Take your business and your lifestyle to the next level FAST for only $1,500 USD/day. Pay in full or make three monthly payments of $535 USD.

* Please note that the payment plan totals $1,605 USD/day. Payment in full must be received 7 days prior to your scheduled 1:1 Intensive.

Mischelle, Let’s Do This. My Thriving Business & Extraordinary Life Await!

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