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“Thanks Mischelle. Working with you, I got an exact blueprint of what I needed to do. I learned how to position my products, engage my audience, and make money doing what I love. I clarified how my business and personal life were clashing and how to sanely accomplish my goals in both.”

Claire Brookes
Health and Fitness Coach

“Mischelle’s leadership and level of professionalism is outstanding. Her unique blend of personal development and entrepreneurial business expertise has been instrumental in helping me achieve personal and professional growth. With her guidance, I now have the confidence to challenge myself, stay focused and realize my potential. She provided me with valuable insights and techniques to ensure my success. Mischelle delivers results. I consider Mischelle to be a trusted confidant and mentor.”

Natasha Benn
Manager Philanthropic Services, Victoria Foundation

“Mischelle helped me dream big and then gave me the exact systems, structures and strategies to turn my dreams into reality. She is warm, wise and an indispensable support in creating my amazing new business and lifestyle. I now have time for my family AND financial freedom! If you’re serious about your business, want to serve the world in a bigger way and make money doing it, you have to work with Mischelle.

Jenn Baird

“Mischelle is a natural and transformative mentor in every respect. She treats every person as an individual and works with your particular strengths to ensure you accomplish your goals. She goes to great lengths to facilitate your success, always offering so much insight and experience. She is able to help you articulate an appealing vision that intrinsically motivates you to be your best and to achieve beyond your imagination.

She is always approachable and willing to help with any and every type of challenge you present. She has a sharp and witty mind that is extremely inspiring. One cannot help but feel more energized from working with her. Her strategic and creative processes helped me quickly and easily find solutions. After more than a decade, she is someone I can still count on for support and advice. Her openness, combined with her sheer ability to disarm anyone in her presence, makes her a rare find. She will make your work and life better.

Deepa Acharya
Academic Chair, SAIT

“Mischelle, your quest for knowledge and generous sharing of it not only impressed me–it inspired me. You quickly earned my respect and trust. Your well-honed business sense, commitment to excellence and infectious entrepreneurial spirit meant I could rely on your input, judgment, and feedback as we built our company from a two-person startup into a national brand. All the while, demonstrating your numerous business attributes and genuine concern for the well being of those you works with. To this day, I am amazed by how important relationships are to you Mischelle. You possess a rare combination of care, concern and kick butt. Simply put, I loved working with you. Your sparkling personality, sharp wit and engaging sense of humour make you a delightful and valuable person to know and work with. You are a true entrepreneurial leader who stands out from the ranks.

Todd Ringness
Editor (Former), LOOKwest Magazine

“Doing it on your own or thinking you can just figure it out will only hold you back, cost you time and money, and lead to frustration and stress. If you want to share your gifts with world and get paid to do it, you need a coach. Mischelle is one of the best.

Lynda Clark

“Mischelle inspires confidence and brings out the best in those she works with. She has a unique ability to challenge and support people to achieve their personal and professional goals. She is a supportive coach and excellent role model for balancing business and life.

I appreciate her consistently positive outlook, innovative approach and enthusiasm. She helped us exceed our revenue goals, create systems to simplify our work processes and select the right people for our teams. Her ability to help us complete so many major projects in a relatively short period of time is related to her leadership, management of timelines and efficiency of her systems. She is capable of balancing an understanding of the big picture, while paying attention to the details that get you there. She gets results.

Donna Spaulding
Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners

“I highly recommend working with you Mischelle. You are a constant source of encouragement and proven, practical solutions. You have been indispensable to me since I began my business nine years ago. Your wisdom, advice, support and step-by-step systems helped me to be the success I am today.”

Cathy Toupin
Founder and Officiate, Custom Clergy Services

Mischelle has an uncanny ability to know just what is needed at the time. She has the ability to multi-task career, family and everyday life in a way that inspires those around her. Her intellectual curiosity is unparalleled and her positive attitude towards helping others achieve is one of her greatest abilities, as well as her greatest passion.

She is exceptional at breaking down seemingly overwhelming tasks into simple, easy to follow steps. She is an excellent communicator, and does so in a timely, creative, and effective manner, using one-on-one coaching, seminars and personal planning tools. She reads people well, and gets to the heart of why they behave the way the do. Then she takes the time to gently and thoughtfully coach them towards actions, beliefs, and behaviours that serve them better in achieving their goals.

She was instrumental in effecting positive change in our organization. She was able to help us paint a compelling vision of an improved future and get us there. She has a very highly developed sense of honesty, morals and values, without ever being judgmental. I could always count on her to go the extra mile for our team, helping each of us find balance while developing our personal and business potential.”

Shauneen O’Brien
Branch Manager (Former), First Calgary Financial

“Mischelle is one of the most skilled professionals I have met in my 40 years in business. A strong leader, Mischelle demonstrates how one person can effect change in a very complex environment by defining clear, simple processes, developing easy to follow action plans, and being a tireless champion for your success. Focused on excellence, determined to make a difference and blessed with a wealth of knowledge, Mischelle is a valuable asset to entrepreneurs and organizations that seek her guidance.”

Richard Walker
President and CEO, Walker Resource Group

“I had no idea how to find potential customers, create a stand out brand, or establish myself as someone worth listening to and learning from. By working with Mischelle, I learned how to find paying customers, brand brilliantly, sell confidently and finally started making money! Mischelle is an incredible, insightful mentor who truly cares about her clients and our success. She makes it simple and fun. Best of all, she keeps you accountable so you actually get it done!

Emily Raynes
Cupcake Maven

“Mischelle has the ability to see the big picture, inspire a greater vision, and champion you to successful outcomes, all while adding a bit of humour and fun. She leads by example and consistently demonstrates professionalism, commitment, courage, connection and amazing people skills, always with the utmost honesty and integrity. She inspires with her enthusiasm, respectfulness and  sensitivity to each person’s uniqueness and develops professional relationships that help you perform at your maximum potential. She encourages resourcefulness and balance and provides clear direction to confidently steer you towards success.

Mischelle draws on your area of expertise to create positive results. She makes herself available for any help or guidance you might require and never hesitates to add a bit of laughter. She is a leader in her field. Ultimately, she opens the door for you to jump on board and be part of a mutually respectful, productive and fun journey. She creates the room for you to grow professionally and to enjoy the opportunity to shine. She has so much to offer in so many facets of business and personal development. Her guidance has positively influenced me both personally and professionally.

Judy Partridge

“Mischelle has an amazing energy and drive to impact the world through educating and empowering entrepreneurs. She is a strong leader, game changer, and entrepreneurial mentor who delivers results each and every time!

Anu Mandapati
Founder and CEO, IMPACT Leadership for Women

“Mischelle will provide you with what you need, when you need it, without the overwhelm and budget-busting mistakes.”

Kimberley Tate

“Thank you Mischelle! With your help, I am turning my wildest dreams into reality and having a blast doing it.”

Deann Turner