Let’s face it . . . it’s a “noisy” world out there. So noisy that it can seem impossible to stand out. You might feel like everything has already been said. That someone has already done what you want to do. Or, that the world doesn’t need one more __________ (fill in the blank with whatever you’re burning to create). 

So, how can you get your amazing products, services and marketing messages noticed amidst the constant downpour of digital spam, social media chatter, printed promotions, radio and TV teasers and slimy sales pitches? Well, it’s easier than you think.

Research shows that the average American adult is exposed to over 2,000 marketing messages a day. 2,000?! A day?! I couldn’t believe it. So, last Saturday I counted – every email, radio and TV commercial, newspaper and magazine ad, website pop up, roadside billboard, sales text, promotional tweet, networking pitch, friendly referral and social media marketing message I encountered. I lost count at 1,389 (but went to bed early and I don’t watch a lot of TV). Regardless of the numbers, it’s clear we live in noisy times.

What I noticed about all this marketing noise is how similar it is. The messages blur into one another, making it hard to recall what product was being pitched. Everyone sounded like everyone else. Everyone was following the same formula. Everyone stuck with the familiar, “normal” approach (you know, where they insist you’re inadequate and the ONLY solution is to buy what they are selling—using as may words as possible over the longest time they can steal your attention). 

But, as Maya Angelou said, “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never realize how amazing you can be.” You have to be unique to rise about the noise. You have to be brave and step away from the normal. You have to be something no one else can be . . .Yourself.

“Being your quirky, silly, serious, artsy, nerdy, straight-laced or sexy self won’t just get your heard, it will get you remembered.”

Being your quirky, silly, serious, artsy, nerdy, straight-laced or sexy self won’t just get your heard, it will get you remembered – and that’s the key to making friends, making money and making a life and living you love. Fearlessly being your one-of-a-kind self eliminates the noise—whether you’re promoting a cause, interviewing for a job, pitching a book idea, converting prospects into customers, writing website copy, competing for a contract or launching your new product.

A common mistake people make when struggling to be their authentic selves is they over explain, justify and drone on in order to convince others of their worth. Stop it! You are already worthy. Be confident and cut to the chase. A great way to do this, according to best-selling author Sam Horn, is to use words—written and spoken—that are purposeful, original and pithy (word that “POP”).

Words Are Like Lingerie—Often “Less Is More.”  M. vanThiel

Words are like lingerie—often “less is more”. The most iconic marketing messages of our time follow this simple “POP” strategy and rise above the noise. They shun the uninspired normal, are instantly memorable and make millions. Consider the globally known and revered “Got Milk?”, “Just Do It?” or “Live. Love. Matter.”  These are marketing messages that “POP” and stand out in our noisy world. Challenge yourself to craft a new marketing message for your business, brand, product or service that “POPs”.

Get clear about what you want to say and why. Think it through. Write it down. Then review it from your ideal customer’s point of view and ask yourself “So what?'”. Why should the person you’re talking to care? What’s in it for them? Rethink. Rewrite. Then edit – brutally. Use as few words as possible to get your point across.

Choose each word as though you were paying for it, because your listener is paying—word-by-word—with their valuable time. Don’t be “expensive”. Don’t make them hate you. “POP” your way to new opportunities, better relationships and greater profit.

Mischelle vanThiel, © 2016 BrainPower Business Group Inc.


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